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AcroWiki is a hypertext browsing and authoring system for Palm OS. Instead of organizing your notes in plain text memos you can now use AcroWiki to create hypertext notes with links, fonts, styles. The AcroWiki syntax is easy to learn. It is so simple, that you can learn it in 20 minutes. It is so transparent, that you can read memos written in Wiki syntax even without the AcroWiki browser, by simply using your memo pad! Yes, AcroWiki uses the standard Palm Memo application databases to store it s documents: you can view and edit them both in the AcroWiki browser and in the MemoPad application. Plus, you can synchronize them with your PC and even publish them on the web, using web-based Wiki systems like Twiki. AcroWiki is yet another implementation of WikiWiki, this time for Palm Pilot. There are several variations of the WikiWiki syntax, the one we used is the same one that is used in the popular Wiki engine called Twiki. One of the main Wiki features is collaboration. Indeed on your Palm you are the only person editing your memos. But you can sync them to your desktop and publish them online using one of the other Wiki engines for Web. Even without sharing, we found the Wiki syntax to be so easy to use that it becomes perfect way to keep personal notes. Here are some of the features of AcroWiki- Navigation history (back, forward, home)- Search- Quick Goto- Font styles (bold, italic, fixed, etc.)- Links to other Wiki Documents- Links to web documents (http)- Links to mail addresses (mailto)- Colors- Several levels of headings- Numbered lists- Bulleted lists- Verbatim text sections- Horizontal lines- Anchors within text for links to specific position The AcroWiki syntax is easy to learn, which makes it perfect for storing personal notes. Simple to use, yet powerful enough for the most note conscious person. Think of AcroWiki as your own mini internet.

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